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The staff here at has taken a stand. We are no longer supporting the NFL. The oppressive actions of the league and its ownership has left a lot to be desired. We feel that a league, comprised of a mostly African-American athletes should be sensitive to the plight of those players and their community. We see it like this…If a player is banned for standing up for people that look like us, we have a decision to make. Continue to support with our time and money those that punish the ones that stand for us or find somewhere else to focus our resources. We choose the latter. You can draw your line in the sand wherever you want, we choose right here, right now.


The Voice 

Collins’s announcement was greeted with an outpouring of support from teammates, league executives and major National Basketball Association stars, Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade among them.

          January 2019


Bucs v Pistons

Clippers v 76ers

Raptors v Jazz

Kings v Blazers

Nuggets v Knicks



Grizz v Pistons

Nets v Pelicans

Suns v 76ers

Bulls v Magic

Cavs v Heat

Celtics v Timberwolves

Hornets v Mavs

Lakers v Thunder

Wizards v Hawks



Kings v Nuggets

Warriors v Rockets

Spurs v Raptors



Trail Blazers v Thunder

Timberwolves v Magic

Lakers v Knicks

Celtics v Mavs

Cavs v Jazz

Heat v Wizards

Bucs v Hawks

Bulls V Pacers

Suns v Clippers

Grizz v Nets



Nuggets v Hornets

Bucs v Raptors

Cavs v Pelicans

76ers v Mavs

Pistons v Jazz

Trail Blazers v Rockets

Spurs v Grizz

Kings v Warriors



Timberwolves v Lakers

Raptors v Pacers

Thunder v Wizards

Bulls v Nets

Suns v Hornets

Clippers v Magic

Haks v Heat



Bucs v Jazz

Celtics v Nets

Pelicans v Grizz

Pistons v Spurs

Rockets v Nuggets

Mavs v Lakers

Kings v Magic

Trail Blazers v Knicks



Warriors v Knicks

76ers v Wizards

Raptors v Hawks

Cavs v Pacers

Thunder v Timberwolves

Heat v Nuggets

Clippers v Hornets

Suns v Kings



Jazz v Magic

Grizz v Spurs

Celtics v Pacers

Pelicans v Cavs

Wizards v 76ers

Rockets v Bucs

Lakers v Pistons

Trail Blazers v Bulls

Mavs v Suns

Nets v Hawks

































                   “I’m a 34-year-old N.B.A. center. I’m black and I’m gay,” Jason Collins, who finished this season with the Washington Wizards, writes in the May 6 edition of Sports Illustrated. The magazine published the article online Monday morning.

With that statement, Collins became the first openly gay male athlete who is still active in a major American team sport. Other gay athletes, including the former N.B.A. center John Amaechi, have waited until retirement to divulge their sexuality publicly. t


2019 NBA Schedule

Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay identify the teams that drafted well.


              Washington Nationals ace Stephen Strasburg is not injured and isn't expected to miss a start, general manager Mike Rizzo said, according to the Washington Post.

Strasburg was examined by a doctor after Monday night's loss to the Braves, and the team said he was suffering from tightness in his forearm.


                The Colorado Avalanche won the NHL draft lottery on Monday.

The Florida Panthers own the second pick for June's draft, while the Tampa Bay Lightning have the third selection.

Colorado had an 18.8 percent chance of winning the lottery after finishing the regular season with a 16-25-7 record, worst in the Western Conference.

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