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Not Just Noise...


Find yourself on the 'NO' side?  Try dressing up your water.  Adding fruit not only adds color and taste to your water but nutritional value as well!  Thanks to The Super Sisters here are 5 simple ways to dress up your water.

Now in order to "Dress Up" your water you will need fruit.  Grocery shopping anyone?! Check out these tips for your next trip to the market.  Remember Healthy is the new sexy!!  Thanks again Super Sisters!

 In today's  society, we hide behind the masks of computer screens and fake images...SHESpeaks is dedicated to getting back to the true foundation. We are ordinary people expressing our views on every-day and extraordinary events. While dealing head on with the issue of mental health.
We will discuss this issue on a personal level. Not to give any medical opinion, but to express how members of society see and understand this issue.   - SheSpeaks

Are you drinking 9 cups of water each day?

“Social Status, Popularity, and Financial Influence means Nothing without….Mental Clarity, Peace of Mind, and Positivity”

Daily Mental Health Outlook

I’ve learned that you shouldn’t go through life with a catcher’s mitt on both hands; you need to be able to throw something back.

She Speaks Interviews:


She Speaks: Good Reads


She Speaks Shabazz Interview

Interview with Shabazz, of Shabazz Brotherz Boxing, based in Maryland. Discussion featuring Mental Health, Wins and Losses, Family and the Future.


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